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Monday, July 23, 2012

Transition Day Thoughts

A house on a hill in Palm Springs CA, its for sale, interested, you can't afford it.

We are a team. I am a pastor. Laura is a teacher. Today she heads back to face a new group of young kids who need to read and write to survive and thrive in this world. Some know they need to, some do not. It's a challenge. As it is still July it makes me long a bit for the days of my own youth when you left school at the end of May and started the beginning of September.  Those three months played a significant part in my own development, but someone decided the brain empties out with that much time off. I guess????

Laura said it is difficult to start over again with new kids to learn, new parents to know, new expectations from some non teacher who just got a doctorate somewhere who wants to implement some new idea to save education. The governments old mantra "no child left behind" is now replaced with "common core" and it all dumbs kids down to keep the herd in the fence, in my opinion.

Sometimes I have seniors who have lost spouses and are in new relationships talk to me about the adjustments of learning a new person when your own past and persona and more or less settled. We think we can easily change and adapt or we are sure the other person should adapt to what we know is the right thing.  Not so easy. I love it when I see people who are no longer lonely, and can celebrate the new friends past and find a way to enjoy being together without radically trying to reconstruct the other person.

The church year in Sun Lakes does not begin this week, and frankly, I need August to begin to fill my heart with fresh thoughts and to build on last years explorations of true truth, as Francis Sheaffer liked to call it, and to let temporary or delusional truths go.

This is week 2 of my whole foods, mostly fruits and vegetables and real food way of life. No calorie counting or food weighing or obsessive restriction, just eat real food and listen to your body trying to give you signals about proteins, carbs, fats. When you have given your body real food, that has taste and texture, you fall out of desire for a Dunkin Donut or a large fry.  Well, I am not quite there on the French fries?
Have a great week friends, life is precious.

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