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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Over heated

I needed one of these on the back nine yesterday.

Larry and I have had the golf course to ourselves mostly in the afternoons and it was fine, until the monsoon humidity hit. Yesterday I began to feel lightheaded and fuzzy. I learned that when your core gets overheated two strange things happen, your heart races trying to cool the system, but at the same time your blood pressure goes down, unable to speed up as the resources are being used elsewhere, hence, faintness, blackouts and worst case, heatstroke.  That's it for afternoon golf until the monsoon leaves. It took over three hours for my pulse to go back to normal.

I don't usually recommend other websites I follow because that's a personal thing, but I really enjoy Karen Spears Zacharias who blogs on Patheos. She is a transplanted southerner like me who tells stories about our culture and life and faith. Great one today on returning to a reunion of her high school Baptist Church traveling choir. Give her a read.

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