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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Salads are wonderful

Laura has an August Birthday coming up. This is one of my favorites from a past trip to Kauai on the path from our resort to the beach at the Hayatt Regency.

Except for the 2 pills a day and some numbness in the pads of my feet, my dozen year experience with type II diabetes has been tolerable. Today I ate very clean, (a term that means no unhealthy foods) and as I was preparing our salad supper, I felt the presence of low blood sugar, tested at 77, and had some crackers and OJ to counter it. The plaquing of my arteries is another and less happy story related to diabetes.

I buy organic greens from Sprouts, (please don't make veggies too costly as the drought toll comes in), I like spinach and spring mix, and today here is the list of things I added. Tomatoes, Carrots, broccoli florets, golden raisins, strawberries, sunflower seeds, that Greek cheese crumbles I keep forgetting the name of, and a dose of real fat dressing. Have you noticed how fat we have gotten on low fat eating.  Healthy fats are our friends. They deal with hunger and feed the brain.

Is was so tasty and the textures and sweet bits bursting with flavor. As  we finished Laura noted that I had left out some cucumber, red onion, and a fresh avocado that I totally forgot as I was raiding the fridge for ingredients. There is always tomorrow. And yes, Laura prepared a delicious tuna salad for lunch in our shared weekend responsibilities. Patriarchs out there, put that on your plate and eat it, and get up and learn to cook and prepare good foods, its a fun way to love and serve your wife and family.

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