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Monday, July 16, 2012

Can this rift be healed?

There is an issue in interpreting the Bible that just won't go away. It has spawned two families of believers and while we can fellowship around Christ, sooner or later this way of  looking at things causes issues.

The issue is the idea of "two separate destinies", "two people of God', Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdom of God, The grandfather of this teaching is a system of understanding that is called dispensationalism, and its opposing viewpoint would be covenantalism.   Does Israel have an ongoing identity and a salvation under law, was Peter's gospel in opposition to Paul's Gospel. Are Christian's God's heavenly people and Jew's Gods earthly people who must have a future earthly rule from Jerusalem.

One group tends to see a violent and cataclysmic ending to world history, while the other opens the door for some gradual change for the better in human development. You generally stick close to that group that helped you get your original understanding of the gospel. I have friends and teachers I respect on both sides and while I have made my decision on the issue I remain open to being taught and perhaps convinced of some of the particulars. I am not dogmatic but I know the rift is real. 

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