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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Struggle

See Don Golf, see Don's spare tire clinging around his midsection, see the Doctor tell Don to lose weight....again.

It's Birthday week and health and longetivity are in my mind. Yesterday I got my blood and urine analysis at the doctor. For a 62 year old diabetic it was just about perfect, every thing normal, cholesteral down, blood sugar under control. Then the reality, you've gained weight.

I saw a note to myself back in Feb where I made a recommitment and tracked food intake and yet here I am six months later up sx pounds.  Truth be told, I am continuing to suffer from the Celebration effect.  My life is so full of good times and celebration that my normal good diet gets sabatoged. Can I get an amen from the readers on that!!!!

This  means another full court press, I will let you know if anything works.

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Anonymous said...

You are getting an amen from me! Seems like whatever the celebration, food is at the center of it! Would be that us humans could skip that part of the festivities! Good luck with your re-commitment to the project--it is definitely a struggle--I start with good intentions when I get up every morning! Eden