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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Chick Fil -a Incident

This is my favorite picture of me and two friends from the early 70s. I was and am a lover not a fighter.

I was reading a favorite Christian blog this morning when a word was used that transported me back to the early 70s in Seminary. The word was Reconstructionism and the name was Rousos J. Rushdoony. I survived the first introduction of Christian Reconstruction Theology in the south. It arose when a disciple of Rushdoony was given a teaching position at my seminary and we began to see how your ideas about the Bible affect the way you prepare for and do ministry in this world.

Greg Bahnsen and Rushdoony were part of my life back then as we were introduced to an eschatology of post millenialism and the law as normative for all of culture. This movement believed the gospel would convert the world and we would all live under the ten commandments like the Israelites, so we should begin to enforce law keeping in culture whether or not people are followers of Christ.  Its a huge subject with many twists and turns, and eventually Bahnsen was asked to leave the school and we redefined the mission of the church in the world was not to enforce cultural norms but to introduce the world to Christ and let Him transform us from within.

I have never developed a habit of eating at Chick File or however you spell it.It seems misguided that I am being asked to eat there to save America???? I am OK that the restaurant gives people Sunday off, but I think sabbath observance was an old covenant restriction on the Jewish people, and when we tried to transplant it to the Christian Sunday the confusion between law and gospel began. It is possible to win a culture war and lose the quest to  be Christ to a desperate world by dividing us from them and trying to "take back America". Looks like I am going to have to brush up on the brush up that almost destroyed my seminary.

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