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Friday, July 27, 2012

Overheated again

Could not finish a morning round of golf. Light headed, pulse racing. I am no longer physically able to handle the humidity.

Been researching responses to Scott McKnights post on Christian Reconstructionism and where it has popped up in recent decades in the Dominion Movement in the Charismatic Church, in the HomeSchooling and Quiverfull and Biblical Patriachy movements, and in young earth creationism and the Constitutional party. Interesting to dip back into the fruits of Rushdoonys Institutes of Biblical Law again.  It is no longer the family I run with these days.

Is is not that I believe laws are wrong, they are good and especially for restraining evil, but the enforcement of Christian or Jewish commandments is pretty much like the Muslims vision for enforcing Sharia, they both have the same root. Jesus was about transformation not physical enforcement.

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