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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Farewell Andy, we love you

Old Palm Springs remembers Andy Williams, Pat Boone, Doris Day, and others in that hayday of early entertainment.

 When I look at what passes for humor in today's situation comedies and think about the body of work of Andy Griffith, it makes me sad. There was a time when video first began being used in churches that someone developed a whole ethics curriculum with scenes from Andy of Mayberry.

For me, Andy represented a real Christian man, not talking it but doing it every day. Bumbling Barney so desired to be a hero and yet was wounded by his own body image and fears, so his swagger to compensate ought to have set him up for a big fall, but Andy knew this about his friend and constantly put up with his weaknesses because he knew Barney's heart.   It was situation comedy in its glory days when each show was truly a lesson in friendship, dealing with the loss of his wife, being a single father, caring and being cared for by Aunt Bee, and trying to get on with romance in an honorable way. I loved it, and it shaped me, and I will miss having Andy around.   Oh, and having to deal with "Church Ladies" around every corner!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. As you said, the comedy shows today are sadly lacking any redeeming content.