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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Crystal Springs in the news

I love lakes and rivers and springs, especially when I am playing golf next to them.

I used to wander about the names of the places I ended up living, or the names of churches I served. They all seemed to have two names or have a reference to water or things associated with water.

Crystal Springs, Mississippi, my first community, had 10 thousand souls, all the churches were segregated in the mid 70s. Apparently this weekend, First Baptist had some negroes worshipping with the congregation for the past year who asked for the pastor to perform their wedding in the sanctuary. I would assume the pastor had permission, but when someone drove by during the rehearsal, they called their friends and pressured the deacons to stop the ceremony the next day, the pastor feared trouble and gave in and moved the wedding,  as no blacks had ever been married their before. The couple felt discriminated against and the news trucks have descended. The Mississippi Baptist leader said this was a step in the wrong direction. I agree.

Moss Point, being a point in a lake or river, just became a majority black community when I moved their in the early 80s, the first black mayor was elected and things were changing. We worked to make the transitions and invited my son's black friends to Vacation Bible School. A small step forward. The church is still segregated....and is dying.

Desert Springs church in Tucson, lots of desert, no springs.

Queen Creek AZ no queens, no creek.

Sun Lakes AZ, lots of sun, lots of lakes.

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