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Friday, July 20, 2012

Some thoughts on the Internet

A grotey bunch of college guys from Robertson Dorm in 1971 during my long hair days.

Its a firm part of my life, though I visit people daily from that generation that does not use it. For me, the instantaneous connection with news and events make the world a smaller place. Facebook is OK but not the deal maker for me. People love to fight political battles too much, and post one line truths on beautiful backgrounds. I do like to see what people are up to.

For me the real draw is the thing that convinces me every day that I am only normally intelligent. It's the interaction with the ideas and thoughts of others, on so many accessible subjects from world affairs, to health and fitness, to theology. I am surrounded by smart and insightful people who are sharing viewpoints for free on immensely important issues, and are part of a give and take that leads to personal knowledge and the development of your own life and thought.  In other words, I learn, I grow, I change with the knowledge I find from thousands of sources.  That is my favorite part of the internet world. I can live without any more knowledge of Tom Cruise, or celebrity drama. But people who know and study and share life in a real conversation stimulates every morning.

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