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Friday, July 13, 2012

Streams in the Desert

Its raining outside as I share a cup of coffee with wife and kitty. Its a milepost day, as I mark 62 years alive on this earth. I am still loving life, thankful for was I have experienced and learned. Joyful that as the world has changed I have been able to keep up with the good parts and leave most of the less than good parts for younger folks to trip over.

It sound like I am saying live and let live, but I am not, its just that I realize that folks are going to go down good and bad paths and they will learn from them. There is a very big concept I keep running across in my studies that beats a path around this issue in life, this worldview. I can't explain it simply so I am not yet qualified to teach much about it.

The issue is dualism and non dualism. It's about believing that God lives and works and accomplishes His work in the world and is not defeated by, nor does He flee and avoid the gritty struggle of this world. Dualistic thinking divides people into good and bad like the pharisees. Jesus sees people where they are at and loves them. Way too simplistic but I am getting bits of it incorporated into my thought and life.

My vocation has caused my life to be divided into distinct periods, and my age has allowed me to see how they are related in the long journey. You get to a place where you occasionally touch the wisdom of God, but you have the humility not to claim it as your possession, you are just thankful to be near it and to be lifted by it.

I am loving those car commercials where the adult children are worried about their parents and trying to get them on Facebook so they can really live, all the while the parents are out in the new car actually living and doing things in nature and in the world while the kids stared as pictures of other peoples lives.

I am both of those types of young senior adult, hoping that the second type, the active type wins. I love this little blog and my stops on facebook to hear about friends and people from the past, but I want to live and love in the real world every day.  Thanks for the Birthday cards, Facebook notes. I will post some end of day reflections after I go out and live the day.

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Dixie said...

Happy birthday, Don! Here's to many more years of living and loving (and blogging).