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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Golfers who love Jesus the Lord

Golf is a test of character that I fail in many ways when I tee it up.

Way back in the late 60s Kermit Zarley and others started the Tour Bible Study which is held the Wednesday evening prior to the beginning of each Tournament.  Sometimes the Golfers speak, sometimes guest pastors and speakers. I am told it is low key and the names of attenders and visitors are kept quiet. It is not a media event, but a group of professionals who believe faith and their careers are intertwined. They have cute kids and supportive wives as well.

When they win, and this has been quite a year for Christian winning tournaments, they give a shout of praise to God as witnesses which is heard by the large audience of golf fans, and endured without comment by the announcers who are interviewing them.   It was Zack Johnsons turn again last Sunday, and this year we have seen Webb Simpson, Bubba Watson, Ricky Fowler and others have shown that these Christians can play, and that they trust and honor God for the talents they use effectively.

I have known other Christian golfers who struggled and won very little, one in particular who in his mid 50s had to confess that though God had given him a goodt life, a good wife and loving family, the Golf had been a bitch goddess that had left him dumped in a pile of broken dreams, struggling to find a way to support his family outside the sport. In other words, like all professional sports, only a few hit it big for a long time.

I guess my point is that we should love God and follow him whether money and fame come our way or not, and that not many famous folks who live for money and fame really get the witness of these believers because they have already given their heart to the lesser God. We still gotta testify, and I am good with that.

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Anonymous said...

Was so impressed with Zach who took the time in his interview, to Feherty's pregnant non-response,to give credit to Christ in his control of his patience as well as his God given abilities. Eden