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Sunday, July 22, 2012

One trys to connect the dots

In preaching to people living life that sometimes makes little sense the preacher speaks to the issues of violence and to judgment and to mercy, and one clings to hope that our experiences on this earth have meaning and purpose. The message permeates the word.

Back to daily life. This past week I have become more of a consistent whole foods vegetable based eater than ever in my life. I even did a veggie smoothie with carrots and spinach. In every way this diet of fruits, salads, small portions of protein and almost no processed bread or foods is sustainable. I feel full, energized, and am hoping to lose the belly fat that clings to my middle with such tenacity.

My lovely wife heads back to teach another group of  "chillen" how to read and write tomorrow. It is a stressful and hard job that takes many hours of homework. She loves teaching but the constant bureaucratic meddling with the classroom process is frustrating.

Wonderful music today.

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