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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best early morning thought from reading

In Palm Springs they turn this type of Palm Tree into a fashion statement and trip the dead fronds at the bottom like upside down crew cuts.

American and even the American church has an obsession with stardom, winners, super rich and beautiful people.  God is a God of the mundane everyday folks who get up and go to work and love their family and take out the garbage and do the chores. Amen to that.

Laura's day went well, our school routine begins, she is out the door at 6:45 home at 5, two more hours of grading and prep as we relax with an evening TV program. We are currently watching the Lost series again and I marvel at what an interesting and entertaining fantasy it is. Great action, great drama, great characters.

Happy Birthday Linda ,my dear Sister. Good health and happy days in Pensacola.

I visited a stroke victim yesterday in hospice. Over three years robbed of speech and communication, now preparing to die. He woke and looked me in the eye with recognition and we shook hands and had prayer. He has had a long life and seems so peaceful and prepared.

My impatience is showing.... I have a tire with a slow leak, and in my huge city there are no Gomer Pyle type stations eager to fix it, they just want to sell you new tires. I keep driving by places because all the tire places are packed with business and I just do not want to waste two hours fixing a leaking tire!!!! I am sure I will end up stranded somewhere and have to pull the tire myself if I don't do something. It's mundane, and it's life.


Janet said...

Isn't there something that you "spray" into the air fill valve that will patch a tire from the inside? I seem to remember someone talking about it.

Bebod said...

Fix-A-Flat is an aerosol in a can with a nozzle that fits the valve stem. However, if you ever want to remove the tire from the rim, the tire mechanic will probably curse you and charge triple. If the leak is in the tread you can fix it yourself with a tire plug kit from your local auto parts store. If the valve is leaking you can replace the valve.