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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pollock Cinema

An upscale high tech security mailbox I saw in Palm Springs on a camera walk on morning.

It has been a while since we took advantage of Dollar Cinema. A local businessman has helped revive the one on our side of town by placing Hollywood memorabilia in the lobby. Lifesize statues of movie and famous folks all through this century of celluloid stardom. It is cute and has given life to a run down place.

We saw Mirror, Mirror, which was panned by critics but was lots of fun, a retelling of the fairytale with some modern updates and a focus on the seven dwarves role in saving Snow White. As the credits rolled at the end and unexpectedly strange song celebration began in Bollywood style, with a strong Indian beat and dance moves. I really liked the song and the rhythm and it confirms what an odd and quirky movie it was.

I have read comments about the proliferation of fantasy movies out there, and how that almost always happens when the real world becomes a difficult place to live.

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So what is the name of your new book? Eden