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Monday, July 30, 2012

Rainy Days and Sundays always on my mind

The beach at Hanalae is usually crowded in the summer, but that day we felt alone in one of the most idlyic spots in the world, I cherish that moment.

We had a shower here in the desert that lasted an hour, in the late afternoon, one of my favorite times of the week, as Laura prepares for a new week in school, as our empty nest fits us like a glove.  The cat comes out on the porch because we know the rain is more effective than an electric fence and he watches the rain with wonder in his cat eyes.

I notice now in the blogging world where I go to hear other people ideas that the blogs are so snazzy and everyone has a row of connections to reach them along the top of their page and I am reminded that life has passed me by in the speed lane, and I am just going fast enough for facebook but will never speed up to twitter and never post videos on my blog or visit those places with the cool sayings with beautiful backgrounds.  I would rather read a book. And thats OK.

I am reading a book that was left on the magazine table at our now defunct recycle center outside the office. It was one of Oprahs favs and a huge bestseller in the spiritual new age market. I figured finding four brand new books out there was a sign. One of them was President Obamas biography and I just left it on the table, the other three are on my desk. One of the ideas in the book is about finding space between the stream of thoughts that are always rushing through your mind, that place of presence is the real you, where you can sense peace and hope even when hardship and hurt and pain enter your mind from the wounds of the past or the fears of the future. You can experience peace in the now.   This has always been one of my personal interests, fully living in the present. So, here I go to start another week. But that week I prepare for will still only be lived, moment by moment.

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