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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cool Stuff

 As we drink coffee on the back porch and listen to gentle thunder in the distance. We get so few steady rains that this is so delightful.  It is now qualifying as a downpour.

First, for walkers, and joggers, I have two of three problems solved with this product, first, bad sound quality in cheap headphones,  second,  the in ear phones tend to fall out, third, I wash them, step on them, lose them etc. I just sent a 30 dollar pair through the wash in my shorts and they have very little sound.
An internet search came up with the Koss clip on. Truly comfortable, truly great sound quality, and just 15 dollars on Amazon. I bought two because no one can help me with problem #3. You just kind of screw them on and off your ear and you are really hearing some great sound.

We stopped at Safeway for some creamer and Laura picked up a bag of Popcorn, Indian Theater popcorn and wow, melt in your mouth good. Apparently there is a city in Indiana named Popcorn and this product is way better than most of the popcorn already popped in a bag I have tried.

Our power has been out for 30 minutes?

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