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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Changes celebrated

I am approaching several landmarks that are reasons for deep thanksgiving and reflection this week, both spiritually and physically.  In a few weeks I will mark four years of blogging which is amazing to me given my tendency to start things and then stop. Its not that big a deal, but its a commitment to sharing my life, opening up a bit, practicing a life observed thoughtfully.

Next month will mark three years at Tumbleweed Gym.  I have always been active and tried different ways to exercise, but this three years has had me doing serious walking, stretching, and lifting three to four times a week religiously. I have a different body composition, still not slender, but I have core strength and an overall feeling of physical well being that has made the quality of life much better.

Thirdly, I have made a permanent shift in my thinking and sharing about God who spoke in Jesus being truly good, and his love for sinners being truly unconditional. It has changed me more into His true image deep within my spirit.  Good reasons to celebrate personally.

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