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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The taking of innocent lives

These incidents defy logic, reason, and explanation as a human being becomes twisted and destructive. It makes no sense, and underscores in another way the crisis we are facing in these days here and everywhere.

I have been trying to understand why the prophet Micah kept injecting hope for a better future into his message of judgment. I think it is because each crisis contains the possibility of learning and finding better outcomes for the future.  it does not help the immediate victims but speaks to the future and our ability to recover from tragedies.

It allows me to make a small comment on one of my favorite spiritual concepts. Recompense. This word represents for me a promise I see hidden throughout scripture as one of the fruits of ultimate reconciliation....that being the restoration and recompense of the masses of victims of violence, war, and evil deeds. Do not know how or when or where with specificity, but I see the theme and place it firmly in my own personal hope chest.

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