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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More mundane matters

I asked Laura to take my picture in front of the ocean and she aimed too high. No ocean, just the classic look at my "muscles" pose.

My daily photo and comment blog is approaching four years old. The email that opens it no longer exists but it is still my key to get in.   If any reader wants to write me a note my new email is donhendricks62@gmail. com.  I miss using email, it was killed by facebook. I used to have a list visible and would write folks a note from time to time. Guess I still could. Oh, and apparently facebook gave me a facebook email address, yippee?

A postscript story on Sun Lakes HOA #1 Recycle Center.  It closed after a three year run last week. When it was proposed there was a big kerfuffle by those of us close to the triple wide concrete block structure and its eight parking spaces of paper bins.  Over the years it also become a great place to find boxes for personal use, a magazine exchange, a place to give fruit away, a bug attracter to the suger left in aluminum cans, a wreck waiting to happen as people zoomed in and out, a place of employment for the guy carrying the cardboard to the recycle center payment place, and apparently a money maker for the homeowners association.

Anyhow, phase one now has home recycling which I think still makes money for the HOA, but is cleaner, easier, more convenient, cheaper to run. So like the other phases we put our own recycle on the street and can still carry the big stuff to a Sherrifs money maker on Riggs.  End of story.

People still dumped a good bit over the weekend despite the big sign and no boxs to recieve stuff.  Ah, human nature.now  we have our eight spaces back for Bible Studies, but we have basically a staff golf car parking garage outside our back door. Its mundane, I know, but this week I am all about mundane.

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