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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I fell getting on the tube to ride this, and we both strained out necks holding on the the gravity defying water ride. Act your age is sometimes good advice.

As I approach another birthday week and face a doctor's appointment this afternoon to look at the story my blood and urine are telling about my health, I reflected upon the role of sleep in the good health equation.

In recent years we have been more disciplined in getting more hours of sleep. I used to be hooked on the evening news and the monologue by Jay or David, now we hit the hay at 10. Last night everything ran late and I stayed up till midnight, and it is so apparent that losing an hour or two of sleep leaves you wanting in the morning, a price is being paid for the loss of 7-8.

To sleep, perchance to dream.   I love my dream life, it makes enough sense at the time that I enjoy trying to relate my dream to my waking life and see if my subconscious is fulfilling needs.  Last evening I was inventing something or saving something and I had Jewish investors who were giving to my Christian project.

I have mentioned my recent habit of going to bed with music playing in my ears, I can tell you that when I play my complete Enya collection, her songs trigger incredible dream states as well. I probably shared more than you care to know, but most of our life takes place in our own head, so....get plenty of sleep and have sweet dreams.

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