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Friday, July 6, 2012

Faith and Theology

Playing in the surf is an amazing thing we share, where the vast ocean touches land and the rhythm of the wave movement against the shore bring two different elements together.

Just started a book that made the point that faith is something experiential that we encountered and experienced about God in our life, and theology is reflecting upon that reality. Would it then be true that having a different theological approach to life might actually change the way we perceive faith?

So one raised with the concept of an Angry God cannot ever really experience a Loving God without rejecting his theology, or vice versa. Are we then really worshiping our own image and understanding of God  rather than the reality of who and what God truly is in His essential being?

Intriguing. My own experience is that when I change my thinking about God, my head and heart go into a reinterpretation mode that goes over all my previous thinking and paints a new picture that sets me free, or at least helps me toward freedom. When that happens I am not really eager to try to interact with someone who is stuck in another perception, but just trust that at some point the truth with be shown to both of us. Just thinking out loud at the start of a book.

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