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Monday, July 2, 2012

Ending Nostalgia Time

Something about June makes me introspective and I know people can only tolerate so much of that. But part of the marvel about life is memory and most of my amazement about photography is that you can capture a moment in time and see it. We change and grow and shrink, but who a person was in a moment of time seems to create a holy thing. Take todays picture, it takes me back to those early years when all my preparation became reality, I was not only a pastor, but a husband and a father. I can literally feel the marvel of being a young family again when I ponder this picture. I am with the same women as she reads a book this morning and I see the women that baby became became and the daughter of my daughter upon whom I lavish the same love and affection. That is when nostalga is very good.

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Dixie said...

I like this memory!