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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why I love Golf

Don, there are souls to be saved, how can you take 4 plus hours and knock a little white ball around trying to get it into the hole? Here are a few of my answers.

A wonderful combination of relaxation and personal challenge. You are having fun outside, walking, talking, getting a direct shot of vitamin D from Ole Sol, yet you are trying to master an incredibly complex set of movements to creat enough clubhead speed and accuracy to make par, using different tools to accomplish it.

Beauty...... the grass, the trees, the flowers, the hills, the lakes, the mountians, all surround you and delight you.

Competition-it is one of the few things in my profession where I can brag about a good shot, a long putt, a good chip and not have to be humble about it.

Fellowship-men really open up in sporting situations, you would be surprised.

Being a part of a large fraternity and enjoying the exploits of professional golf, both mens and womens. Those guys and girls are good, but we use the same stuff and have the same goal. I never could have played football or basketball or Baseball, but I can pay and play the venue for the Phoenix Open, or the US Open.

I played today and enjoyed every moment, made a Birdie, hit some greens in regulation, barely broke 90, refused to swing smoothly and paid the price every time.
My first clubs were given to me by my pastor, my first lessons by a golf club my parents could not afford to belong to, and some of the most enjoyable walks have been spoiled for most of my life, and I praise God for golf being in my life.

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