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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Clipping and Pasting is fun!

Throughout most of the 80s two or three of us published a monthly newsletter for our church. I found the creativity exhilarating, and the precision needed exasperating. We would find images, copy them and cut them out, carefully spacing out typing to fit the image. All pretty crude, but it created a visual and informational mailing that was fairly cutting edge at the time.

I was always amused that after we had examined the finished document for over a week we would still find a typo after we mailed it.

Yesterday I bought the digital equivalent of the old clip and paste software, from an old name... Broderbund, and the image on this post is the first digital clipart I have ever used. "Small step for Pastor Don, large step for old guys who love technology". We do all this because God designed the human eye to be the most ingenious collector of information in the universe. I love vision. My humble photography hobby testifies to my joy in freezing moments of time for later consumption.

As my high School Reunion, Randy and I were warming up for golf, when I suddenly remembered my family buying shoes from him in a department store. We discussed his kinship to a family in my church in a nearby small town. That memory had sat embedded in my brain for over 30 years. I could still see him wearing a nice shirt and tie and chatting about things. Yes, the eye/mind connection is awesome, and I bet I left a mispelled word in this post.

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