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Friday, August 29, 2008

Red Mountain

This landmark north of Mesa is one of my favorite views. Just minutes from town you descend a hill and begin your drive along the scenic shortcut to Hwy 87. I saw the herd of about a dozen wild horses this morning, and tried my best to get a picture after they crossed the road two hundred yards ahead of me. You can see their tracks through the fence.

I looped back through Fountain Hills, a planned community of about 40,000 east of Scottsdale that is known for this beautiful fountain landmark that blows on the hour.
That herd of horses met me on my first drive through there 19 years ago. These must be the grandchildren by now.


Anonymous said...

Love that second picture with the water; wow!

Bachelor Paul said...


Don Hendricks said...

Thank you guys for visiting. Since my wife works I had developed the habit of sitting home on my day off, and the Friday drives reminded me again of the beauty of Arizona deserts and mountains.

Edith said...

Beautiful picture of Red Mountain. We have a vacation rental in Fountain Hills and when we visit, the views never get old. Thanks again for the gorgeous pictures!

Don Hendricks said...

Edith, after all these years we still dream about having a home in Fountain Hills. There is something about it that is so beautiful and now that the amenities have come out that way it is even more attractive. Thanks for your comment.