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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Bible Study

In recent years I have been studying the Bible through subjects and words. It is more organic and less systematic than I have in years past. It opened gold mines of related questions and deepens my appreciation for the words of scripture, the original lanquages, and the power of symbols and metaphors in scripture.
Each summer I choose a theme and developed it for four weeks. Over the last six years I did Bread and Spiritual Nourishment, Rivers and Spiritual Power, Sound and Silence, Sleep and Death, Fire and Purity, Time and Eternity. This year the theme is, The Seen and the Unseen.
Studying the five senses and the mind/body connection and hope to delve into the hope of the Unseen world. It is fun because our Bible Study room allows me to us a lot of multimedia with the overhead and music and visuals. I played a cut from Andrew Petersons wonderful CD entitled The Far Country, called More. "A golden sunset on a quiet eve, is like hope that's tugging on my sleeve, there is more, more than we can see." I have been talking about beauty, and the gift of hearing, taste, touch and even smell. I think folks enjoyed the teaching and got what I was trying to communicate.


Adrian said...

"Taste and see that the Lord is Good" Ps 34:8 I confess to having used chocolate and other foods in a service to help people think about this verse. Did you use foods in your teaching, Don?

Don Hendricks said...

Adrian, I had a scented candle going and intended to have a hersheys kiss at each spot but got sidetracked. Great idea!