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Friday, August 1, 2008

Where we meet to Worship

The is Sun Lakes All Faiths Chapel. Built about 25 years ago. The Church I serve meets in this building which was built on land donated by the builder of this community, and with funds from our original attendees and others in the community. After a few years residents began to desire more denominational expressions of their faith and various groups started services that shared the building. Land and buildings led to the off campus movement of the Methodists, Baptists, Catholics and Lutherans.

The original group which was the Community church and a United Church of Christ are left to use this building which we rent. If at any time services cease to exit the charter says the building will belong to Arizona State University. Though a bit dated, it is comfortable, seats 250 or so, and also hosts Friday night services for our two Jewish Congregations. Their Torah is in the closet and our Christian Symbols hang on removable clips. Odd but effective.
I love not owning a building. We give lots of money away to missions. We have an office elsewhere near the Country Club Clubhouse. That is why I am a few steps from a cafeteria, pool room, lending library, banquent facilities, swimming pool, workout rooms and a chip and putt golf course. Feeling sorry for me yet.
Someone in your family must be 50 to live here, You are asked to leave if you have a baby, and we have no youth group or Sunday School. I guess you would call it a niche market church. In a senior active community. They had five pastors they hired at 60 hoping they would stay till they were seventy, but all decided to retire at 65. They decided to try a new approach and hired me, a slighty wounded heart attack survivor at age 52, knowing I would need to work till 65. I am in my sixth year, so far so good. I will share some of the joys and sorrows of serving seniors in my next post.


Anonymous said...

This blog "stuff" is all new to me....so I'm not sure I'm responding correctly.......Can you teach an old dog new tricks?......but....just wanted to tell you that I found this very informative for me even though I should probably know all of this by now as I've lived here in Sun Lakes for eight years....and have attended the SLCC on and off for the past years. I love the Sun Lakes Chapel. It is a wonderfully inviting haven for worship......and
this is no doubt an offshoot of the warmth and friendliness of the folks at our Sun Lakes Community Church...The Pastor is warm and friendly also....and will love you even when you may have 'let him down" more than once.

Bebe said...

See....I told you old dogs do not learn new tricks...I did not want to be anonymous......and will try to get it right.....