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Friday, August 8, 2008

Out of Business

I needed to fax some documents to NYC this morning to help my son get an apartment. I thought I would stop by the business of an old friend I had not seen in several years who ran a Postal Store in the part of town I lived five years ago. I remember the joy she and her husband felt when they took possession of that store. We gathered for a prayer of dedication and laughed and admired all the amazing gadgets these mailing stores have, and all the streams of income you can generate.

The empty building gave me an empty feeling. The large grocery store had closed and a rebound effect pretty much wiped out that corner, which was thriving when I lived nearby. Later the owner and her husband divorced...his fault...and as I enquired at the UPS store down the street I discovered that she had sold the business and moved out of town. Though she made a good living for a while, this was a sad ending for me.
We hope and dream, and also face risk and loss.

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