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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back in my Dad's Pontiac

I have always enjoyed the phrase "this is not your Father's Buick", which indicated that the tastes of young people have changed. This would certainly be true in our American culture when we describe the revolution that has occurred in Church worship gatherings in the last several decades. Of course in reality there is still a welcome, singing, text, exposition thing going on, but as you know its now casual, user friendly, filled with laughter, marked by contemporary instruments and singing, and the message is designed to be eminently practical to be of any value to the attendee. To speak broadly, some forms of seeker sensitivity going on.

I grew up with set bulletins, repeated doxologies, hymnbooks, robes, organs like most of you my age. Our youth groups had choruses, but most of us were happy with the switch between that and the formal service. I remember one evening service where I went in shorts and a T shirt, filled with the spirit of late 60s rebellion, to see if anyone would look at me judgmentally.

So, things began to change as my generation grew up and church changed and I changed. You know the stories, we all lived them.

But, in a unique slice of time reversal, these senior communities said thanks but no thanks, and continued on as they always had. When I visited SLCC the leaders question was not so much do I believe like they do, but.....can you worship in the old fashioned way the way we do.

Now, to be honest, our hymnbook has choruses, but we have no real connection to anything cutting edge. Just the time honored ones that entered the church decades ago, like "Open My Eyes Lord" and "O Lord, Your Beautiful" Our instruments are piano and organ of course.

So, for the most part, my decision to move here has been a decision to worship the way my parents were comfortable. And.....its not bad at all.


Bebe said...

One of the features that I enjoy most at SLCC is the music.....Is this an indication that I am "OLD"?
Then..so be it! I love the hymns from the hymnals, the choruses sprinkled here and there...the obvious lack of percussion and music with a constant beat....and the one thing that I love most is the way that we do not repeat over and over and over and over.......to me this is disruptive to worship rather that helpful...In all honesty though...there are many times I would love to lift my arms up in worship (way up) but feel obliged not to because of fear of disrupting the
other folks......I used to sit in the back row where I could do just that without being observed.....is that kind of like wearing shorts and a T Shirt?????? Hey, I'm getting the hang of this blogging stuff now....it's about saying what's on your mind.....

Don Hendricks said...

Thanks for reading, Bebe, and yes blogging is a type of authentic journaling about life that helps you be reflective and open. One of my favorites is a mom from Virginia who enjoys seeing how God and Culture intersect. http://intheopen.blogspot.com/

Enjoy the day.


Godseeker said...

I once had a missionary on furlough as a college professor. He said one of the best things about the U.S. is the fact that there's a church for everyone. If you like the hymns, piano and organ best, you'll find a church. If you like choruses, guitars and drums, you can find a church. If you don't like anything that's out there, you can start your own church. Find a place and worship God, he said.

Don, I'm glad you have a place to worship God. Good blog. :)

Adrian said...

It's great that you have been willing to adapt to the worship style that your church is comfortable with. This is a true sign of servant hearted leadership.