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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trusting your own discernment?

I have spent many years reading and studying theology. I am not bragging, just sharing that Biblical and Theological writing, Spiritual development, and any number of related concepts send me to the bookstore. I also pick up used books for future reading if they seem interesting or have been recommended. My life has been blessed immeasurably by this discipline.

But, I have to confess, when I am reading a well thought out book, I am a sucker for a good idea and and well defended point. In other words, I am easily impressed and converted. I don't always see the inconsistency or twisted logic that might be there. So, I listen to those who critique ideas as well to make sure I am not getting off balance.

On a couple of occasions I have traveled down paths for a while that I ended up backing out of when I realized I did not agree anymore with the things that brought me there.

I hope I am not that type of student who is blown about by every wind of doctrine, but rather one who learns by testing new ideas. For example, Brian McLarens "New Kind of Christian" trilogy of theo novels were so powerful to me as a reflective Christian in a conservative church. I am thankful for writers who put their ideas out there for readers to think and to grow.......and to discern.

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