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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Two powerful movies to rent

Laura read the book "Atonement" this summer at our daughter's recommendation so I had sort of an idea of the concept. The movie version was powerful and beautifully tragic tale of an adolescent mistake and the fruit of ruined lives. Set before and during WWII the sets and recreations were outstanding, as was the surprising ending. It did remind me that some lives are intertwined with history in such a way as their hopes and dreams and loves become impossible to achieve. Movies like this cause me to strengthen my hope in some sort of recompense in the life to come for those whose lives and hopes are dashed.....yes, I do have some scriptures that lean in that direction which I will share someday.

"Vantage Point" is a thriller that used a very unique plot technique to illustrate a powerful point. The assassination of the president and the repetition of those fifteen minutes of chaos through the eyes and experience of innocent bystanders and guilty proprietors made for an exciting and rewarding movie experience.

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Adrian said...

I found them both to be deeply moving films. Both of them are lessons on why we should be slow to judge people based on our first impressions.