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Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am blessed

I graduated from College and my girlfriend broke up with me. A romance collapsed in Ft. Lauderdale the next year, and I was headed into the ministry without a wife. I drove 1000 miles from the fiasco in south Florida praying about the matter, and the next weekend drove back to my college campus and saw Laura walking across the campus with Piano Books. Not only was she beautiful, she played piano. I plotted with the Dorm Mother to get an introduction, (remember this is bolstered by a 1000 mile prayer meeting), and we went to the Symphony. I told my roomies at Seminary I had met my wife. We were married 10 months later. By the way, she was rooming with my ex-girlfriend at the time.

What I got, was a loving, quiet, sensitive wife and mother, and the 33 years have swept by too quickly. What I did not expect is that she would get stuck in some kind of time machine and have this incredible skin and figure that just makes her the hottest grandmother I know. Happy Birthday Friday Laura, I cannot imagine any kind of life without you.

Don, the older looking one


Bebe said...

You are blessed indeed. Your Laura is beautiful inside AND out.......possibly your loving care for her and your family these past years have added to her beauty? Our Lord IS good!

Don Hendricks said...

Thank you for that kind comment. I will choose to agree with you, both on Laura in my life and on God being good.