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Monday, August 4, 2008

Cars…the necessary hassle and occasional thrill

Does this car look totaled to you? One year ago this month, returning from a prayer retreat, I had a fender bender. The tire was pushed back and the axle bent, and since it was a 1999 vehicle they paid me its value and totaled it. A sad day for me, as I truly loved the luxury of a Chrysler 300M. We were four months shy of having the car paid for, and my wife was so looking forward to life without car payments so we have still not bought a replacement one year later.

A generous friend gave me a 1992 Acura Vigor to drive. The Vigor was made for two years and was marketed as a more economical Legend. She drives nicely, most of the buttons and bells still work, and, since it belonged to a person in sales, has 236,000 miles on it. Yep! Impressive!

Meanwhile my son returned from college with our 2001 Saturn. He could not explain the scratches and dings, but when he drove up we understood that the radio had been played full volume for the three years he drove it to school and work. We bought that car brand new, with the Saturn sales staff applauding as the keys were delivered. Hokey but sweet.

Now shes got 100 K, showing signs of serious wear, and I am giving it away. To a couple who believed that that God would limit the size of their family without birth control. They had eight kids before they rethought the teaching. They have a passle of teens and getting them to school and work is complicated.

Over the 30 plus years of ministry I have been given a 69 Buick, a 79 Subaru, an 87 Toyota, and the 92 Acura, all were gap cars needed for a short time and deeply appreciated.

We are left with a Chevy Aveo with 50K, the old Acura, and now with $4 dollar gas, a commitment to see how many months we can go with this present transportation arrangement.
This summer we rented Crossover SUVs to travel, a Mazda RX9 and a Nissan Pathfinder, and that flung a serious new car craving on me that was near demonic in its intensity.

I am better now, and resigned to looking humble when I drive, but visions of Chrysler 300’s and Hyundai Santa Fe’s dance in my dreams. Is it idolatry to hope our good ole American ways of consumerism will return so I can drive hot wheels?

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