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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Thrilling Story of Faith

You think retired folks just play golf? We have a gentleman in our church in the winter who started a company several years ago. He is an avid pilot and followed a dream to build a missionary airplane that would meet the needs and costs of modern missionary work. They have raised and invested millions and have a marketing plan to help Ministries purchase the plane at discount as they sell them to farmers, skydivers, and other types of business. The Plane is called the Kodiak and it lands and takes off on a dime, uses cheaper jet fuel, holds 8 people and 2 tons of cargo. It has been thrilling to watch this project develop and see the plane undergoing tests to be certified by the FFA. If you want one I can hook you up with the right people. My entrepenurial friend is almost 80.

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