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Monday, August 25, 2008

Things I liked about the Olympics

I was in a real silly mood last evening when I answered this question over at Praise Whistlers Abroad

Things I liked about the Olympics, (an odd reflection)

1. Flying Chinese

2. The hot tube the divers sit in after they dive. Now thats a sport I identify with.

3. Fireworks

4. Womens Beach Volleyball and my affinity for long legs. (is that sinful?)

5. drums

6. racing bycycle technology- Those things look so cool!

7. Hoping someday boxing will be banned as an uncivilized sport

8. Looking at the incredible long camera lenses people have when shooting sporting events

9. Reflecting on the sources of national pride and cultural differences

10. Micheal Phelps and his mother, who raised him alone and gave him values which I hope he keeps when Cereal and McDonalds endorsements make him a millionaire.

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