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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 97th Birthday Cinderella

Cinderella B. was a spiritual force in the foundation of SLCC thirty years ago. Starting Ladies Bible Studies and providing leadership and support to the young/older congregation. They secured their first pastor through rural missions because at that time Sun Lakes was isolated way out south of town. My granddaughter believes she is the real Cinderella of Disney fame, but her parents named her long before the fable became a cartoon favorite. She outlived two godly husbands and until two years ago she lived alone and drove her car and golf cart back and forth to church and social events. She is wearing a Sennhieser hearing aid because she lost the tiny ones that fit in the ears. Still gentle and pleasant, she is now in a care center because she broke her hip last year.

Her children and our church rise up and call her blessed.

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Bebe said...

What a beautiful lady for "girls" of all ages to look up to in our own spiritual walks with our Lord.......She is obviously who Paul talks about in his letter to Titus. Thank you Cinderella!!!!!!!!!