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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Joy of Photography is reliving a moment!

Laura was commenting the other day about how we take pictures all the time and never really look at them. I think this is a growing reality since we went digital. People are not printing and displaying their family photos.

Since her Birthday is this week I bought one of those electronic picture frames. I have been loading a USB drive with photos to demonstrate it when I give her the gift. I am amazed at how nice the resolution is, and how addictive it is to have a feast of memories always on display. I followed Consumer Reports recommendations, at least 8 inches of display, 800x600 resolution, multiple ways to get your photos loaded. I hope she likes it, I always fail when I try for jewelry or feminine stuff, and electronics makes me feel like I am getting the gift for myself, but her comment makes me feel good about this.

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