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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Goldfield Mining Camp

I don't know if you classify this place as a tourist trap or an effort to preserve the west. I have never toured it. but I have a delightful memory of performing a wedding ceremony on the balcony outside the Steak House with a breathtaking view of the Superstition Mountains behind the couple.

The memorable part was their plan to ride in on horses from the north and south and meet and walk up the stairs. We were all standing their waiting when the Bride's horse broke away from her and ran right through a crowd of tourists full gallop to get to the other horse. Turns out they were penned together and never get out of each others sight. Now that was romantic! But a disastrous start to the wedding. I also remember the couple could dance like pros. The Wedding Party was country western and lots of fun. I love being a transplanted Westerner. I hate country western music but it does'nt matter.

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