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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The End of August

Leaving superstition mountain forever.

Once in a blue moon everything becomes clear, you have set out of a quest for truth, armed with enough wrong turns and humility not to grasp for anything without careful observation. You have learned about the pitfalls and the distractions and the ever present fog that keeps you from seeing the goal clearly, and for a while you see it, God's purpose for this creation.

The moment you see it you fear sharing it because you know those with smaller and meaner views will vilify you and try to stop you from sharing something so beautiful that robs them of their petty power and puffed up sense of privilege.

You know you are not alone on this quest because you see and hear others along the path reading the same markers and leaving the dusty truths of systems and sects behind and feeling free of their weight the beauty of the plan begins to shine clearer and the fog lifts.

I wish I could invite you to this banquet, but you have become so satisfied with making mudcakes beside the home you have built. But I will begin to serve it up, because it was made to be shared, and the risk is worth it to invite you to get up and travel a bit and look to the horizon, this truth is strong enough for your questions and will survive your attempts to ignore it or doubt it, because once you are back on the journey, the things you left behind will fade into the child's toys they have always been.

Now is the time, humanity can wait no longer, God's purpose for creation will not be hidden, and it is not fearful, but wonderful.

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