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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jesus, John and Paul

No passing on the right my friends.

My bible study season starts this week as I near the end of ten years of ministry here in this community. I have reached a pinnacle in subject study this year as we go through John's Gospel in the mornings and Paul's letter to the Romans on Tuesday Evenings.

I am hoping that those who come will sense it worthwhile and that our searching will deepen our faith and trust in the big plan of God.

I confess that the current rush of news and the sense of urgency about the world situation have my head spinning with all the opposing viewpoints and negative rhetoric flying back and forth.

I feel very little sense of connectedness to the popular type christianity as expressed by the rally held in Philidelphia this weekend. America belongs to Jesus?  What does that mean? This big melting pot is our mission field, this country has all kinds of folks with all kinds of beliefs, and all kinds of needs and expressions of life. I belong to Jesus, now that makes sense.  The church belongs to Jesus...we hope so. But American is an idea about freedom and democracy and welcoming people from all nations, and respecting our diversities.

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