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Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to avoid stress

Sunsets are very relaxing to me.

Are you kidding me? I have no clue how to avoid stress. Life is stressful.  Every time I enter a room I feel stressed.

I am taking a Sunday off for medical leave and recuperation. I am relaxed. Because I live with a blood pressure cuff as my third best friend. Laura being the first and the internet being the second.......(just kidding), I can always tell when I am stressed.

In the hospital, four friends stopped by to cheer me up, and the nurse watched my blood pressure skyrocket.  When I am driving, my blood pressure shows stress.

When I am resting in bed, I can track the upper systolic number as I recline and relax. I have had high blood pressure all my life since my teen years. Me and stress go way back.

Years ago I began using a relaxation technique called EFT, and I just bought a booklet that shares some of the latest tips for using body tapping for stress relief.  I think it works for me some.

I think all these realities causes me to respond when God offers me peace, a peace that passes all understanding, a peace that fills your heart and mind, yes, that works for me lots. Have a great day friends.
Please don't stop by, I am de-stressing and healing in solitude, that works for me big time. Oh, and watching the boringness of professional golf works too. Somebody is going home with 10million extra bucks today, and boy I think I could handle that stress.

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