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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Violation of Common Decency

Clouds from God's above perspective, one of my favorite parts of flying, and why using the Airplane as a weapon of mass destruction gets to everyone of us who have ever flown.

I began to believe we should stop having 9/11 special memorial services after the 10th Anniversary. It was not helping us to remember properly or to heal progressively.  I just felt angry without any edification being accomplished.

As one of the most video documented events in history it is so easy to be transported emotionally right back to that beautiful normal fall day in the northeast when we were violated to the core of our humanity by an insane hatred, resentment, and an evil religious idea.

For me, a preacher, the evil religion idea is the most sensitive because as a study of history and particularly church history I see how easy this cancer develops in the human heart and in the national heart. There is nothing that gives religion a black eye like violence done in the name of God.

That is one of the reason so many are struggling with our violent Old Covenant, they just cannot see how Jesus completes that story with the story they have been told, and many are working on that idea.

Islam needs to retool and retell its story, because this is one deed that no one is going to forget, and I do remember today, with pain, and sadness, and a bit of fear that religious violence can destroy the world, if we let it.

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