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Monday, September 17, 2012

Body and Soul

This is me pretending to be King Kamahamaha, and it is already six years since we were in Honolulu.

I was reminded last week of how connected we are to our body. A small malfunction of a muscle/nerve/skeleton connection made every day a struggle. I could not stand or sit or drive without a shooting pain in the upper left part of my body. I received a blessing on Sunday as a Pilates instructor dusted off her massage therapy skills and worked on my back in her home Studio and helped me a great deal. Back to the chiropractor for more therapy today.

Found out through Facebook that one of my Seminary classmates died of a heart attack this week. Class of 1976. Bill G. worked with college students, taught Christian High School and pastored a small town church.

I watched two movies while convalescing, both with the reality of time and its brevity and preciousness.  The Time Travellers Wife is powerful and sad and hopeful. I can't watch that one too often because it is so sad.  I love the movie Frequency about a connection with father and son over 30 years that saves a family from a killer.

Time is a precious gift I try not to waste, but a bum shoulder really slowed me down this week. And even the slowing down was good. I have been using the biblical truths about 40 years and 400 years and the patience of God in revealing His good plan of the ages. Very important ideas. But in this body and with this soul, I still have only this moment, this day to live. Thank you for the gift of a body that works and heals, and a soul that can be renewed each day in the presence of the timeless, ageless God.

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