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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day reflections

Weight Lifting is fun.

The transition from summer to fall is less pronounced here, but for me it is welcomed. I am amazed to share that I begin my fourth year of regular exercise this month. Those three to four hours each week have built core strength and muscle definition and lung strength that would have continued deteriorating with age had I not gotten out the door to the gym, and for that habit I am thankful, no matter what happens I have made the effort and enjoyed some real results. It is a labor that makes me feel young and alive even with the knowledge that heart problems may continue.

I continue to labor to understand the relationship between faith and real life and the changes occurring in our evangelical world. I used to think that we were in a lull that would lead to a new and better reformation of faith since so many are no longer experiencing church as the center of their life. But lately I am wondering if this is a deformation that will lead to a new and better way to live our faith in the finished work of Christ in the world, one that embraces and does not exclude the world we are called to bless.

I labor with the lifelong feelings of rejection when people leave the church angry. One of the recurring dreams in my sleep time is encountering people who are angry with me, and even though years have passed they still are resentful. This is part of the cost of standing for something, and for being in a career where it is impossible to do the right thing all the time. I am not defending myself, too often I flee the pain and it paralyzes me. Some progress but no healing.

I love Jesus, because His finished work allows me to cease from Labor and find my Rest in Him.

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Anonymous said...

The rest in Him is the main thing-- dealing with fallen man on this side of the veil will never give you rest--as our new pastor said last Sunday, no church has ever helped a deserving person-- no one is deserving but that is exactly the point-- the scandal of Jesus is that he did exactly that-- helped the undeserving-- and that is our task too if we want to share in His rest-- Eden