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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RIP Micheal Clark Duncan

image?.CaptionSome people were born to do one great thing. The role of John Coffey, the suffering Christ figure in the Green Mile was such an opportunity for Duncan.

Everything about that beautiful, tragic, and powerful story moved me deeply. The setting, the characters, the music, the slow unfolding of the plot, and that huge gentle giant, Duncan who endeared me so deeply in his portrayal of goodness standing against evil.  It is a difficult movie to watch emotionally as every part of man's brokeness is demonstrated vividly. Victims demanding justice, evil men truly deserving of death, the jailors trying to provide justice with dignity, and the mousey sycophant whose selfishness was as evil as the child rapist and murderer.

Coffey the healer did what he could, but it was not enough to escape his own death, or, was that death the catalyst for change the characters needed. Yes, John Coffey was the suffering Christ, and in real life He conquered the grave. And that figure is what gives me the comfort to know Micheal Clark Duncan will live again.

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