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Friday, September 21, 2012

Another close call, another extension of life

A younger version of me on our first Maui trip.

Three hours after trying to solve the problem of back pain at the chiropractor, I am suddenly solving the problem of chest pain with a call to 911. After I was at ER I though I had jumped the gun, but they admitted me for tests and sure enough I had another 80 percent blocked coronary artery, which they fixed will checking very closely for other potential blockages.

Professional medical service, fine nurses, good food, and new interface with the TV that makes it more of a hospital tool, as well as providing free movies and music to relax by. I liked it.

If I were a cat I have used six of my nine lives....as I am a human being with heart disease I have to be amazed that I have avoided three heart attacks in a year, but mystified as to how to stop the plaqueing  process since I have tried so many things in diet and exercise.

So, more study, more willingness to change,more urgency to lose the belly fat, more appreciation for the time I have left. Of note, my smartphone has made me dumb because when the battery died I did not know anyones number by heart to call.

Enjoyed the Fedex final tournament first two rounds in peace and solitude.

When I think of all the wrong places I have been this summer when this could have happened, I am thankful for the timing and circumstances that make me a survivor again.

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Anonymous said...

Wow-- so grateful you were pro- active and got in for care promptly. Wishing you the best, Eden and Bud