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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Here we go again

Rioters are a strange breed, usually young men, angry and motivated toward throwing rocks and destroying property. It seems a strange way to defend the honorable name of your prophet. Flag burning is their way of expressing the desire to destroy the presence of our country in their country. Sometimes I wonder if we should just pull out and leave those countries alone, no McDonalds, KFC, consulates, American travel, American products. There is a fundamental dysfunction in this expression of Muslim identity that is not going to work in the world as it has developed today. Hoping it does not spread to our shores.

On a personal note, my physical problem was not a pulled muscle but a badly pinched nerve.....I should have known that but I did not. The chiropractor got the bone to move and then applied massage and electric muscle stimulation. Its a hoot to have your muscles firing off involuntarily during the session. I, wonder if this thing would have worked itself out by itself or I would have been in a permanent pickle. The pain was affecting everything, especially driving, I could not sit in the carseat without pain. Oh, to be sure with both topics today,  "this too shall pass."


Anonymous said...

In 1964 I was a brand new teacher in Rochester, NY. The summer before I was to begin teaching 3rd grade the inner city was torn apart by rioters. Young disenfranchised men. They were frustrated by a lack of jobs, what they perceived as unfair tactics by the government ie police and an awareness of the great divide in wealth. Deaths had occured on both sides including a new heliocopter that crashed with journalists on board. I expect that the disenfranched young men in the middle east experience the same feelings. They see the wealth of the US while they are living at a substance level. Change takes time and there are many little steps before larger ones can occur. Unfortunatly, there is a temptation to overreact when you think there is a danger of not being able to our "USA" riches. Religion is so ofter used as an excus/reason for violence in reaction to what are economic causes. Just a thinking point.

Anonymous said...

Love Judy