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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back to Dr. Sinatra

Late afternoon in a yacht near Lanai in June 2010.

There is always more than one way to analyze events in your life. I had two school friends have heart attacks this year, and their first was their last, both had funerals. When I was informed on Thursday that I would be headed for the Cath lab for the sixth time in 12 years, and the third time in one year and that I needed to call Laura quickly because the Cath Lab leads to the By Pass table if things don't look good....well, I got temporarily emotional.

My doctors partner did the procedure, and with a very sore arm I was hoping it would be over quickly but time kept passing as I listened to the team talking and responding to the commands of the surgeon. Turns out they were very carefully tracking with the dye every vessel, looking for problems, and the time needed was for thorough investigation and they were very happy to find the pressing need and fix it.

I have developed a sensitivity to the beating and actions of my heart over the last decade and I have been able to tell them where the pain is, and after the procedure, I can literally feel the restored circulation. I am not shooting bull friends, its subtle but real.

Here is my analysis for what its worth. I am a quick clogger, and I have been living a healthy life. God is not after me, its a serious case of heart disease, but the eating and exercising have helped me survive these incidents, and unlike my deceased friends and others whose first chest pain led to bypass surgery, I have been granted opportunity to deal with each incident with minimal permanent damage to the heart muscles.
My hope is that when the time comes for a heart bypass, all the things I am doing to keep healthy will get me through that and give me a decade more of ministry. If not, that's OK, The Lord has blessed me with so much.

I have been taking Dr. Sinatra's heart disease reversing supplements and they have worked, they have not failed, so I am taking them without disappointment but with expectancy. I have been rereading his book and have made a more serious commitment to his PAM diet principles, a blend of foods from Pan-Asian and Mediterranean eating.  Pretty simple and basic and not much different that I have been following, but now it must be tighter and stricter and without vacations or I am a bigger fool than I look. So I will keep you informed and promise not to make this a health blog or a complainers blog. I have life to live and enjoy and the Father love of God to proclaim to fearful people who need freedom.

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