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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Christian TV please RIP

The Old Pioneer mill house in LaHaina now is the store for Maui Coffee Plantation. I really needed some coffee this morning to get me going after a sleepless night.

I have been doing some channel surfing the last two night when dull pain has robbed me of sleep. Last night I flipped by our seven or eight Christian channels and was saddened by what masqueraded for truth on TV.

One slick lipped dude whose suits and hair should warn every watcher to hide their checkbooks is preying on hopeless people still promising financial miracles once you send some jack his way. So sad, and does he believe his spiel? I guess it keeps him in a lifestyle.

Aging CBN founder ponficating on every thing with the same smirk and giggle he have been using for decades. He is an argument for retirement from the ministry in my opinion.

Various large stages with men holding microphones and ranting. Why in this day of excellent small microphones do these men still hold those things right next to their lips?

Lots of old, old, reruns of people back in their primes like a 1978 Jimmy Swaggart rally in Africa.....did not translate well to today. Please do not judge me for these opinions, some things need to be exposed to ridicule so the real thing can survive. I obviously believe in teaching and preaching, but the profit motivation has bred a cancer in too many of those channels. My opinion.

There is real Christianity working in many places today, with more authentic and missional and relational reality, and this tour through the late nite TV made me long for a goods night sleep.

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